Kushala Anywhere

Live online and recorded classes for whenever and wherever you roll out your mat.

Kushala Anywhere is our online video platform and library, bringing you quality yoga, pilates and meditation classes to practice where and when it’s convenient for you.

We offer two types of online classes:

On Demand

Curated, pre-recorded full-HD yoga videos, created for your unique practice needs. Classes vary in length from a few minutes long to an hour in length, for all levels and various class styles. With an Online Yoga Pass, you can practice unlimited classes, on demand!

Live Online

Hosted through Zoom and recorded in full HD if you miss class, these classes run from the studio, live. Experience the energy of a live class, in a place and at a time that is convenient for you. If you miss the scheduled class time, you can watch our live online videos in the library. 

How do join an online class or watch a video?

Visit our schedule to reserve or to join today’s Live Online classes, or, recorded online classes and On Demand videos are found in our online library. When you select a class, you will be asked to log in using your Kushala account. If you do not have a Kushala account, one will be created for you when you purchase a pass.


What are the membership options, and can I use my studio pass to watch classes?

The following passes are available:

  • Online Drop-in for one online class, for 48 hours
  • Online 1-Month for unlimited online classes during one calendar month
  • Online 6-Month for unlimited online classes during 6 calendar months
  • Online Monthly Subscription Pass for unlimited online classes, auto-pay each month
  • If you attend Kushala Yoga’s studio, you can use a “visit” from your regular yoga pass to watch an online class, for 48 hours

Buy a Pass to Kushala Anywhere

With an online pass, you can watch unlimited live streamed and curated yoga, pilates and meditation videos.

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Help spread the word about our online classes. When you share our videos with your friends, you help grow our base of support and expand the good vibrations outside of our studio walls.


Ways to Watch

Did you know we have a Youtube and Vimeo channel? We release some previews and full-length classes to these free channels. The full On-Demand Library is only available through our website.

Karen Therapeutic
With Karen Andersen

Mobilize your hips, spine and shoulders, moving gently and rhythmically to the pulse of your deep breath.

Member Library

Chris HH+B (*)
with Chris Dunphy

Run your best and keep running with this maintenance routine specifically geared to recreational or serious runners. Join Chris in this all levels practice which targets the hips, low back and shoulders, areas that need a little TLC after a run.

Member Library

Chris Yin
With Chris Dunphy

Support your gut (and whole body) health with this all levels practice. Move and breathe with intention to stoke your metabolic fire and the processes of digestion.

Yoga on Demand

Chris Quick Flow (*)
with Chris Dunphy

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)……. Now that’s a mouthful! Here you'll play with this technique by contracting the target muscle right before you stretch that same area.

Member Library

Karen Quick Flow (*)
With Karen Andersen

Move with powerful grace towards Lord of Dance Pose, natarajasana, a posture that stirs latent energy in a culmination of refinement and balance.

Member Library

Chris HH+B (*)
with Chris Dunphy

It's hard to be active when the knees are in pain. In this therapeutic class we stay off our knees but still get a good total body practice. Chris guides through reclined and seated postures that will help maintain your joint mobility and health.

Member Library

Karen Long Flow (*)

Set a strong foundation and prepare your body and mind to practice headstand, sirsana pose.

Member Library

Karen Yoga Snack

Sometimes it’s all you need, a nice little stretch to open up tight hips, hamstrings, chest and shoulders. These are some of my favourite moves to stretch out in a pinch.

Mindfulness Meditation

Thoughts are like threads, coming into consciousness as if they are discreet “things”. Our mind seeks to weave them together, to make sense of our experience, to orient ourselves, to make meaning.

Long All Levels - copy
With Karen Andersen

Folding forward brings heightened attunement to inner sensation, feeling the body, the breath, our state of mind and heart. Folding forward brings heightened attunement to inner sensation, feeling the body, the breath, our state of mind and heart.

Member Library

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