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You care about your employees, and want them to be healthy so they can bring the best of themselves to your organization. Yoga has proven to be an effective way to help your employees stay focused and productive in the workplace, as well as improving their health and well-being in a holistic way.

With our Employee Program, your employees benefit from reduced-cost yoga passes at Kushala Yoga. It’s a great way to say thank you for their hard work, and to help them stay healthy, active and balanced.

Why Support Yoga for Your Employees?

Sick days, stress leave, unmotivated, uninspired and unhealthy employees all hit your bottom line hard. These workplace realities cost companies millions of dollars in lost productivity and efficiency. Many of the top Canadian and US companies are now exploring yoga and meditation programs for their employees and are discovering measurable success

warriors-ekaYoga has been proven to:

  • reduce sick days
  • increase productivity
  • increase job satisfaction
  • reduce employee stress levels
  • reduce employee turnover
  • promote a healthy workplace
  • attract top performing employees
  • improve company morale and job satisfaction

How Does the Program Work?

Together, your organization and Kushala Yoga help reduce the cost of yoga for your employees, to encourage them to maintain their health as a priority. Here are the basic details:

STRESS FACT: Stress causes 19% of absenteeism, 40% of turnover, 60% of workplace accidents, 30% of short and long term disability.
  • Kushala Yoga will sponsor the first 10% discount off your employees’ yoga passes.
  • You choose an additional % discount (> 5%) to further sponsor the passes.
  • The combined offer will form your organization’s Employee Discount Code.
  • Your employees purchase a pass online or in the studio using the Employee Discount Code, to reduce their cost of doing yoga and staying healthy.
  • With their yoga pass, your employees attend any of our 65+ weekly drop-in yoga classes.
  • Each month we send you a transaction report and invoice you for your portion of the sponsorship for passes purchased.
  • We will customize the program to suit your needs and budget.

If you are interested in holding group yoga classes at your location, taught by Kushala Yoga’s expert instructors, contact us.


What Employees Have to Say About Yoga at Kushala

“Practicing yoga before I go to work has a significant and immediate effect on my energy level, mood, and productivity. Taking the time to stretch, balance, and focus sets me in a positive track for the day, and it feels wonderful. I highly recommend it!” – Elaan Bauder

“Yoga is not just about downward dogs or even the benefits of regular exercise. More importantly, it is about the ‘pause’: the pause needed to gain clarity of thought, to breathe through difficult moments, to realign attitude and gain peace of mind. These discoveries have, without a doubt, bettered my relationships with colleagues, made decision making easier, and helped create a calmness which goes a very long way in the chaos of a busy office. If I could get everyone I work with to do yoga we could probably double productivity!” – Sharon Parry

How Can the Program Be Customized?

We understand that one size does not fit all. We can work with you and your budget to come up with a sustainable contribution to your employees health and wellness program. Kushala Yoga offers a variety of yoga passes which are uniquely suited to the frequency which your employees wish to attend. You can choose to include and exclude certain pass types in your program (the Employee Discount Code will only apply to those included).

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