Loyalty Program

If you are a frequently attending member and you renew your yoga passes consecutively (without breaks between them), we want to give you a break on the price of your pass when you renew. We appreciate your commitment to Kushala and your yoga practice, and this is one way we can say thank you.

Am I eligible for a discount?

Below are the conditions to be eligible for the discount. Both (1) and (2) must be met, (3) is a nice to know:

    1. Your current…
      • Shala Pass or Punch Card must not have exceeded its original expiry date, or;
      • Term Pass must not have exceeded its original expiry date.
      • You are purchasing a new pass that is not on sale
    2. The new pass you are purchasing must be activated within 1 calendar day of the expiration of your current pass (to make your passes consecutive).
    3. Your new pass does not need to be the same as your current pass – you can change between pass types.

How much is the loyalty discount?

      • 15% off Punch Cards and Shala Passes
      • 10% off Flex Passes (NEW!)

The Loyalty Program does not apply when purchasing a pass that is already on sale, and cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. But, if your current pass was purchased on sale, and (1) and (2) are met, your next pass can be eligible for the Loyalty discount.

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