Email us your cues in a document file (Word, Google Docs, etc) by Friday February 23rd, 2018. 

Verbal Cues for Postures, General Form

  1. Use Teaching Yoga and Yoga Journal as resources
  2. Practice the posture on your own, with a notepad beside you. Try it a few times, slowly, so you can feel the steps you take to get in and out of the pose.
  3. Write down a set of sequential general form cues which take a student from the starting pose (in brackets) to the pose, and back again.
  4. Guidelines for the cues:
  • Write down 4-8 cues per pose, in bullet form for readability. Remember that general form is just the basic actions needed to get into a pose.
  • Use Direct Language (see Verbal Communication handout), by the formula is:
    e.g. “Raise (VERB) your arms (BP) overhead (DIR)”
  • Write in full sentences

Take no more than 10 minutes per posture. If it ends up being more, move on to the next pose, and indicate in your assignment that you need more help with that pose.
Warrior 1 / virabhadranasa 1 (start from Mountain Pose)
Triangle /  utthita trikonasana (start from Mountain Pose)
Tree / vriksasana (start from Mountain Pose)
Chaturanga Dandasana (start from Plank Pose)
Upward Facing Dog / urdva mukha svanasana (start from Chaturanga Dandasana)

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